2014-2022+ RAM 2500/3500 Adjustable Air Suspension Links (Rear Only)

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Revel's Ram 2500/3500 Adjustable Air Suspension Links replace the stock rear sensor links and allow you to adjust how the rear of the truck sits, while maintaining functionality of the truck's auto level mode. The links utilize the factory ball studs for easy installation and require no alterations or cutting. Revel Links can be easily removed at any time.


2014-2021 Ram 2500/3500

How they work

Revel Links trigger a change in voltage within Ram truck's factory air suspension system. When the length of links is lengthened on the rear, the truck's onboard computer registers a ride height below the factory settings and compensates by adding air in the air suspension resulting in a higher ride. Sounds complicated, but it's actually really simple.

How they are made

Revel Links are made from aluminum with a moulded silicone coupler, and are manufactured using CNC technology to achieve optimal performance and reliability. 


Please read all instructions and contact our team with any questions prior to installation. If in doubt, please have your links installed by a licensed mechanic. Adjusting too far in either direction may result in a payload warning and restrict the use of the auto leveling feature. Revel Performance or its suppliers will not be held liable for any loss or injury due to improper installation.

Installation Instructions (2014-2012_Ram_2500_Raise-v1.pdf, 276 Kb) [Download]

Terrific item and easily installed. I did cut 1/2" off the threaded part to give more adjustment. I installed as short as possible before cutting and it was 1/4" high. After cutting I adjusted the length the same plus 2 turns and it is on the money with room for adjustment if needed ever. My only negative is it's a little pricey, but you only buy them once. I recomend it highly.
works great. look good
Simple solution that works perfectly.
These links were easy to install and made levelling the truck a breeze.
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