2019-2020+ RAM Adjustable Air Suspension Links to Level/Lift (Front & Rear)

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These easy-to-install kits quickly replace the stock Sensor links with Billet Aluminum Fully Adjustable Sensor Links. With these links you can safely lift the normal stock ride height by as much as 2.5" to 2.75" depending on your application. All air suspension operating mode heights will operate relative to the new settings however OR1 or OR2 may produce errors depending on how high you adjust the normal ride height. These links utilize the factory ball studs to ensure the suspension continues to operate properly in all operational modes. NO CUTTING of Stock Components

When the front links are shortened and the rear links are lengthened the voltage coming from the air suspension sensors is altered. This tricks the vehicles on board computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting lower than the factory setting thereby raising it accordingly.

THIS KIT IS FOR 2019+ RAM 1500 PICKUPS WITH AIR RIDE SUSPENSION (Will work for the 2019 Rebel with some limitations) (Will NOT work on the 2019 classic)


1) If your truck is a 2019 Rebel the levelling/lifting links will work with limitations. In order to level please select the 2019 lowering links to drop the rear of your truck.

2) If your truck is a 2019 classic with air ride please select the adjustable links for the 2016-2018 Ram 1500's

3) If your lifting into Off Road 2 for your normal ride height we recommend that you have an alignment done.

Installation Instructions can be downloaded <here>

For Questions? Check out our FAQ

Installation Instructions (draft) (2019_Ram_Raise-v1.pdf, 278 Kb) [Download]

Great product quality. Fits as advertised. Make sure if you set your normal ride height at the offroad 1 height setting or higher that you DO NOT try to put the truck in Offroad 1 or 2. The air suspension will think its over loaded and won’t air down and be at max capacity. You will have to disconnect the battery for about 5 min, reinstall the factory links, reconnect battery then let it sit for a few hours. It will go back to factory settings after you start it back up and let everything reset after about 5 min.
These links were easy to install and made levelling the truck a breeze.
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