Revel Advanced Lift Package - Ram 1500 (2” Lifting Spacer + Revel Links + UCA)

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Three great products. Bundled for your comfort.

Most suspension upgrades lead to a bumpy ride and rough driving conditions, not ours. This unique combination promises factory ride quality, paired with improved suspension geometry/clearances, and better control over your ride height. With the Revel Advanced Lift, you get the freedom to use and upgrade your truck the way you want, without compromise.

The Revel Performance Advanced Lift package is designed to give your truck a near-effortless height advantage over other trucks on the road, without the cost of a full-scale lift kit. This package combines Revel’s marquee adjustable air suspension links (Revel Links) along with a 2” lifting spacer to provide a comfortable ride along with an UCA with improved ball joint geometry/clearances. Together, this innovative combination offers up to 2.5” inches of additional lift that isn’t available anywhere else.

The Advanced Lift package is designed to give you the freedom to use your truck the way you want it, by retaining all off-road air functions for street cruising or muddy off-road adventures. 

How it works

Lifting spacers are designed to be compatible with stock suspension components, and act as a lifting ‘block’ to increase the height of the chassis from the axles.

Revel Links trigger a change in voltage within Ram truck's factory air suspension system. When the length of links is shortened on the front and lengthened on the rear, the truck's onboard computer registers a ride height below factory settings and compensates by generating an additional 2.5" of lift. Sounds complicated, but it's actually really simple.


  • Ram 1500 2013-2022s equipped with air suspension.
  • 2019 Ram 1500 “Classic” model

Package contents

  • Revel Links (package of two or four), made from billet aluminum and silicon couplings designed to last the test of time, with more than 5,000+ sold worldwide
  • 2” Front Lifting spacers (Daystar Levelling kit) 
  • Improved UCA's for better ball joint articulation and clearances (ReadyLift)

Installing four Revel Links will help level the truck and reduce payload errors. Installing only front links may result in a front-high stance due to the added height from the lifting spacer.


  • Up to 2.5” of additional lift
  • Retains all air ride functions (Aero, Entry/Exit, Normal, OR1, OR2*)

New Option Pre-Adjustment

We will ship the adjustable links pre-set to provide a level truck.


Prior to installation, please read all instructions and contact Revel Performance with any questions. If in doubt, both products should be installed by a licensed mechanic certified to work on your vehicle. 

Although lifting spacers do not specifically state their compatibility with Ram trucks equipped with air suspension, when used in combination with Revel Links they install and function properly.

Lifting above 2.5” with Revel Links may result in a payload warning and restrict the use of the OR2 suspension setting. An alignment may be required to maximize performance of the links while using OR2 as your normal ride height. 

Use at your own risk. Revel, it’s distributors, employees, partners, or other contracted entities are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury due to improper installation or usage. 

All sales are final. No returns or refunds.

* OR2 may result in payload warning errors if the normal ride mode is set above a certain point

Installation Instructions (Revel_Lift_With_Daystar_Spacers_plus_UCA-v1.pdf, 568 Kb) [Download]

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