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2019 - 2022 Ram Belltech STREET PERFORMANCE (REAR, LOWERED) - 101010Q

Shock Absorber

  • Shocks features include: Metal dust boots, Hardened Chrome 15mm piston rods, Triple lip NBR rod seal, Teflon guide bushing, 35mm pistons w/ low friction Teflon seals, 51mm wide body for increased oil volume & OEM quality rubber bushings.
  • Street Performance Premium Replacement Twin Tube Gas Charged Shock Absorber for Lowered Truck and SUV - See Application Gude For Fitment
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Pricing: $69.50


Belltech engineers are dedicated to staying ahead of new technology to provide you with the best suspension options on the market. Our exceptional Street Performance shocks deliver advanced performance and handling you can feel! ?We have engineered a product that will continually deliver the driving experience you seek.? Each shock is made of painted, heavy-duty steel so it will last and not rust over time.? The shock?s 35mm independent rebound and compression valves and low friction design give it flawless damping, and the forces within each damper have been perfectly preset and tuned for your specific vehicle.? Each shock also features a large 2.2" (55mm) body that holds increased amounts of oil.? The purpose behind this is to keep the oil cool and give you outstanding suspension behavior even over long periods of time.? A high durometer vulcanized rubber bushing is used to reduce unwanted noise, friction, and vibrations. To add strength and durability, a 15mm hardened chrome piston rod is applied.? Keeping a shock clean and free of debris is also vital for its lifespan and performance, so a metal dust boot creates a forcefield around the more crucial components.? Create the ultimate driving machine with the help of our advanced Belltech Street Performance shocks.?

  • Our engineers focused their attention on tuning the low speed compression characteristics of this shock absorber, which is responsible for controlling your Sport Truck or SUV's pitch and roll
  • Progressive rebound tuning complements large aftermarket wheels, keeping the ride smooth but firm and in control
  • Large 45mm body diameters and twin tube design allow for larger oil volume and better heat dissipation leading to increased shock life
  • Large 35mm piston and valves allow greater hydraulic control during quick wheel movements and long shock travel
  • Low friction sealing and guide system? creates a quick reacting damper that is sensitive to the smallest of motions with little to no temperature increase during extreme damper conditions
  • Steel dust cover adds protection for the piston rod, sealing system, and does not deteriorate from UV exposure or chemicals
  • Tuned high durometer vulcanized rubber bushings reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH)
  • 2 Year Warranty - Unlimited Mileage



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