FAQ for Revel REVEL Links

1). How much harsher is the ride ?

Ride is comparable to the OR1 and OR2 stock rides. These links do not affect the ride as long as the heights are within the range of the air ride system.

2) How do they work?

Our kits replace the stock sensor arms to Billet Aluminum Fully Adjustable Links. When shortened or lengthened, depending on the application, they change the voltage coming from the sensor. This tricks the air ride computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting different then the factory setting thereby lowering it or raising it accordingly. 

3). Do the other modes still work, OR1, OR2 aero and especially auto-level ?

If just leveling, yes all modes will work. If raising the normal height to OR1 or OR2 you would sacrifice one or both or the OR1 or OR2 settings as they will produce air system warnings and/or air ride system failsafe modes. At all times the auto-level entry/exit and aero modes will continue to function.

4). What is the adjustment range? (can I go less than 2 inches) ?

You can set the normal ride height all the way from entry/exit up to OR2. So normal ride height from 0" (stock) all the way to 2.5" (OR2)

5). Are the rear links needed if I’m just looking to level the truck ?

Not per say however we sell as kits of four (front and rear). Lifting the rear or not the adjustable rear links can be used to compensate for any lean issues.

6). What is the maximum offset that the 19’ 1500 can take with 35’s ?

The adjustable links simply allow you to have the trucks normal setting adjusted up into the OR1 or OR2 positions so that the truck will remain there at all times. Max offset would be comparable to non air trucks with suspension lifts.  Check out our Blog Postings to see what our customers have achieved.  

7) What is the process to raise or lower the truck ?

Each 3 turns results in a variance of ~1/4". The process to raise or lower is to start with stock lengths and raise/lower in small increments from there. So pop off one end of the link (recommend the frame side) make three full turns (shortening front and lengthening rear or visa versa if lowering), drive around the block and repeat until the desired adjusted normal height is obtained.

8) Is the process different when combined with Daystar Spacers ?

With the Daystars it's a bit of a different operation.  The links need to be shortened to compensate for the lift that the Daystars added.  The distance from the center of link coupler to link coupler for the front links are approx 2.5" for levelling or 2.0" for mild lift.  These are good starting points and smaller adjustments can be made from there as needed.  For additional information refer to Ram Raise with Daystar Spacers.


2019 Limited                          2019 Rebel

9) What is the difference in the level/lift links vs level daystar spacer with links ?

The main difference with using the daystar and links is that the level is achieved with the same volume of air meaning the ride would be the same as stock. With just the links alone more air is added to level the truck yielding a bit more firm a ride. With a Rebel truck or any air ride truck with the factory off road package the daystar combo is the only recommended choice.

10) As far as the adding the additional rear lift links, what does this accomplish ?

In some cases your truck could be slightly nose high following the daystar installation on the front. Lengthening the rear links by 3-6 turns brings the back up and levels the truck

11) The front links appear to not align properly with an angle on the ball joints, can this be corrected ?

Yes some adjustment can be made by loosening the factory 10 mm bolt that holds the sensor assembly onto the truck.  The alignment can be slightly adjusted one way or the other to make the coupler attachment point angle closer to 90 degrees.  Once adjusted simply re-tighten the bolt, see highlighted image. 

12) Will these links work on my Ram Rebel with air suspension ?

Since the Rebel Rams (or any air ride truck with the factory off road package) are already lifted from the factory any adjustment higher than ~3/4" in the up direction will result in a harsh ride. It is possible to use the lowering links to drop the rear of your Rebel to achieve an almost level ride, just specify in the notes when ordering the kit that you want the Front lifting and Rear Lowering links. Another better option for the Rebel is to use the front adjustable links in combination with the Daystar Spacers, see FAQ#8 , #9 and #10

13) Where are the installation instructions, none where included with the kit?

All installation instructions can be downloaded from our store at this location, https://www.revelperformance.com/revel-performance...

14) Does this modification affect my warranty ?

As with any vehicle modification there’s a risk to warranty. We have no control over what dealerships may or may not do depending on the failure and if they feel the modified part had anything to do with the failure. If for some strange reason you did have a problem with the air suspension system we recommend you remove the adjustable links and put the stock ones back on. That’s a big advantage of our kits, the vehicle can be restored to stock in under 30 minutes.

15) Is my vehicle still street legal ?

Strictly speaking, any modification that changes the normal ride height from stock or affects the wheels camber should be considered for “Off Road Use Only”

16) Do you offer a wholesale program ?

We are strictly a retail store however if you wanted to order in bulk we can offer a 10% discount on orders of five or more. Just email us prior to placing your order for a code.

17) My links threaded rods are showing signs of rust, should this be happening ?

The threads are coated in some oil and are also machined from a nickel alloy.  They should be resistant to corrosion however if the oil is rubbed off during shipping or installation some rust discoloration could possibly appear.  If this is occurring we suggest cleaning up the threads and applying some Fluid Film to them for added protection.