Revel Links

Lift, Level, or Lower

Trucks were made to be customized, and that's why we made adjustable air suspension links. Revel Links allow you to easily lift, level or lower Ram trucks equipped with air suspension to get the look you want.

Up to 2.5” of Ride Height Adjustment

Revel Links offer an excellent alternate to traditional lift kits, at a fraction of the cost.

No Tools Required

While we know you love working on your truck, you like looking at it better. Installing Revel Links takes less than 30 minutes, and can be done in your driveway.

5000+ Sold Worldwide since 2015

Revel Links are trusted by customers in over 10+ countries around the world - and growing.

How They Work

Revel Links replace the static factory links that connect the air suspension sensor to the upper control arm. They can be adjusted to alter the ride height of your Ram up to 2.5" by switching air suspension modes.

Engineered to Last

We manufactured using as few materials as possible to keep the design simple and durable. Each link is made from Billet Aluminum ends, 316SS Stainless Steel threaded centers, and durable silicon grommet ball stud clips.

Easily Return to Stock

Time to upgrade your truck? We thought so -- why else would you want to take them off? No sweat, Revel Links can be easily returned to stock configuration when it’s time to sell - without any detection of modification.

Competitor Comparison
Tale of the Tape CFT AirLinks
Level, Lift, Lower Application Level, Lift Level, Lift, Lower
2013-2023 Ram 1500 Ram Models 2013-2018 2013-2020
Up to 2.5" Adjustment Up to 1.75" Up to 1.5"
Pop-on (5-10 mins) Installation Bolt-on (30-60 mins) Bolt-on (30-60 mins)
N/A Stock Alteration Yes Yes
Billet Aluminum & Rubber Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel

Daystar Lift Packages

Looking for an even smoother ride? When paired with Revel Links, Daystar Lifting Spacers offer the same 2.5" lift while retaining all air ride functions. Now that's a statement.

*Note: Daystar kits should be installed by a professional mechanic.

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