Daystar leveling kit + Adjustable Front Sensor Links (set of 2) for Ram 1500

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The Best Combination for your Air Ride Ram 1500

The ultimate combination for factory ride while leveled or lifted up to an inch above stock. This combination retains all air ride functions, Aero, Entry/Exit, Normal, OR1 and OR2 allowing for larger tires with the factory ride.

1- Daystar Leveling Kit (Part #KC09113BK)

Daystar’s Comfort Ride Suspension systems are truly "Driven by Design". Comfort Ride kits are specially designed to work with stock suspension components to keep costs down and quality high. This specific kit is for RAM trucks 2009-2020 4x4 Only.  

Note: With a standard air ride Ram (I.E. you have off road 1 and off road 2) we recommend you get the rear adjustable lifting links as well since without them you may be slightly nose high following installation of the Daystars.  

Disclaimer: Although Daystar specifically excludes air ride Rams for this product, when used in combination with the Revel adjustable sensor links they have been shown to install and function properly. Customer to install and use at own risk. All Sales Final, no returns or refunds.

2- Adjustable Sensor Links

Compensate by adjusting the length of the air ride sensor links

These easy-to-install kits quickly replace the stock Sensor links with Billet Aluminum Fully Adjustable Sensor Links. With these links you can safely lift the normal stock ride height by as much as 2.5" to 2.75" depending on your application. All air suspension operating mode heights will operate relative to the new settings. These links utilize the factory ball studs to ensure the suspension continues to operate properly in all operational modes. NO CUTTING of Stock Components

When the front links are shortened the voltage coming from the air suspension sensors is altered. This tricks the vehicles on board computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting different than the factory setting thereby raising or lowering it accordingly.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FIRST! If in doubt, please contact our sales department before installation. If you feel you lack the necessary skills please have your links installed by a professional mechanic. Revel Performance or it’s suppliers will not be held liable for any loss or injury due to improper installation.

3- Optional Rear links

Add rear adjustable links to compensate for payload errors or to correct minor lean issues.  Note that with a standard air ride Ram (I.E. not a Rebel or Ram with the off road package) we do recommend you get the rear adjustable lifting links as well since without them you may be slightly nose high following installation of the Daystars.


1- This Package will ship in two separate shipments two tracking numbers will be provided.

2- All factory functions, Entry/Exit, Aero, Normal, OR1 and OR2 will continue to work the same when using this combination.

3- Periodically check and remove accumulated water on top of the air bag as prolonged exposure to water / salt could damage the air line fittings, 

4- For Questions? Check out our FAQ

(For California residents) Cancer and Reproductive Harm)

Installation With Daystar Spacers (Ram_Raise_With_Daystar_Spacers.pdf, 342 Kb) [Download]

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