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Adjustable Air Ride Sensor Links

These kits are made from Billet Aluminum ends, Stainless Steel threaded centers & durable 2 stage rubber grommet ball stud clips. They are FULLY ADJUSTABLE so you can set your vehicle to sit exactly how you like. The Kits take between 30 minutes and 1 hour to install. The vehicle can be returned back to stock just as quick without any detection of being modified. All air ride corners are included so fine adjustments to any vehicle lean issues can also be taken care of very quickly.

Air Suspension Links - Product Comparison

Revel Performance (Adjustable Sensor Links)


Price (US Dollars) $214.99 $90-100
Number of Links Ram 1500 (4) (Full set Front and Rear) Ram 2500 (2) (Rear) 2
Available Models 2013-2019 RAM 1500 2014-2018 RAM 2500 2013-2018
Adjustment Range 0 to 2.5" 1.5-1.75"
Compatible Modes OR1, OR2, Aero, Auto-Level OR1, OR2, Aero, Auto-Level
Installation Method Pop On Bolt On
Installation Time 5-10 Minutes 30-60 Minutes
Removal of Factory Parts Stock Links Only (Can quickly be returned to stock) Stock Links and Factory Ball Joints
Material Billet Aluminum Stainless Steel
Couplings Rubber Stainless Steel
Anti-Rust Yes Yes