Revel Professional Package: Ram 1500

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Why we made this package

Looking to make some noise? You came to the right place. We assume this isn’t your first rodeo. And if it is, good for you. You’re making the right choice. This package is for those looking to have their presence seen and heard. If that’s you, keep reading.

The Revel Performance Professional Package spares no expense, swapping the stock exhaust for the deep-growl of superior aftermarket options that you can feel coming down the road. And if you aren’t felt, you’ll definitely be seen. Combined with our basic lift, you’ll also get an additional 2.5” of ride height, making you taller than every other truck on the road. And that’s the point - gives them something else to look up to. 

This package is for the road demons - the ones who want people to know they’re coming before they see them - and it doesn’t disappoint. 

How they work

Aftermarket exhausts replace the stock exhaust system of the truck allowing for a quicker, more efficient path for exhaust gases to escape, which tends to result in better engine performance. 

Lifting spacers are designed to be compatible with stock suspension components, and act as a lifting ‘block’ to increase the height of the chassis from the axles.

Revel Links trigger a change in voltage within Ram truck's factory air suspension system. When the length of links is shortened on the front and lengthened on the rear, the truck's onboard computer registers a ride height below factory settings and compensates by generating an additional 2.5" of lift. Sounds complicated, but it's actually really simple.


  • Ram 1500 2019-2022s equipped with air suspension

Package contents

  • Select exhaust system (powered by Borla)
  • Revel Links (package of two or four), made from billet aluminum and silicon couplings designed to last the test of time, with more than 5,000+ sold worldwide
  • 2” Lifting spacer 


  • Up to 2.5” of additional lift
  • Retains all air ride functions (Aero, Entry/Exit, Normal, OR1, OR2)


Prior to installation, please read all instructions and contact Revel Performance with any questions. If in doubt, all products should be installed by a licensed mechanic certified to work on your vehicle. 

Although lifting spacers do not specifically state their compatibility with Ram trucks equipped with air suspension, when used in combination with Revel Links they install and function properly.

Lifting above 2.5” with Revel Links may result in a payload warning and restrict the use of the OR2 suspension setting. An alignment may be required to maximize performance of the links while using OR2 as your normal ride height. 

Use at your own risk. Revel, it’s distributors, employees, partners, or other contracted entities are not liable for any loss, damage, or injury due to improper installation or usage. 

All sales are final. No returns or refunds.