These links are the best. I just wanted about about 1.5 - 2 inches for more clearance, but didn't want to jack up my beautiful truck with some big lift kit. Installed them in about 15 minutes, super easy and straightforward process. Excellent customer service all the way around too. Thanks REVEL!
Remarkable customer service. I work in tech support and have a high expectation but they exceeded it. I felt like I was on one of those crime shows where they've hacked a database and found thier boss's answer as soon as he finished asking his question.
2014 Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab. I was able to fit Toyo Open Country MT 35/12.5r20 on Ballistic Ravage 20x9 +12. No rubbing on lock in either direction. 3/4 inside clearance to control arm. I left the links as they were shipped. No adjustments at all. No wheel spacers. I'm very happy & impressed with the links. Install took less than 5 minutes & they've been on for a couple weeks now & no issues at all. The ride feels almost the same as stock normal ride height even with the huge tires. Overall I would highly recommend these links to anyone who wants a lift for factory air ride. Awesome customer assistance too.
Amazing Customer Service on Lift Purchase!
I was looking into getting a Zone 6"/5" lift for my 2015 Ram 1500 when I decided to e-mail Revel Performance for a quote. Well what I got back was a great deal on the lift with fox shocks and FREE shipping! Not only did they help me with picking out what would work best for what I wanted to do, they also were helpful with the technical aspects of how I should set up my truck for the best stance.
Fast forward to this weekend when I went to place my order. E-mailed the fellows at Revel on Friday evening letting them know I wanted to double check pricing and had a few more questions. Before the night was over I had been contacted back with confirmation on prices and my questions answered. E-mailed them back on Saturday morning wanting to make the purchase. Within 20 minutes they responded and we went back and forth setting up my order. These guys even created a page on their website for my item so that ordering would be a snap. However, when I placed my order there was some confusion with the payment processor and my address not being validated. This was not the fault of the Revel crew, but when I informed them of this issue, they replied with the best customer service I have ever had from a vendor. Over the next hour or so, on a Saturday no less, they were in contact with me by phone and e-mail so we could figure out this issue. They were all over it and we eventually got everything straightened out. My order is to be shipped Monday and I cannot wait to get it and get it installed!

Cliff Notes: Revel has the BEST customer service I have ever dealt with and were there to help, even on a Saturday afternoon!
I ordered wheels and tires through Andrew at Revel Performance and the experience was excellent. Andrew is full of knowledge and was willing to help and answer questions no matter what time of day it was. And on top of excellent service, the wheels and tires showed up faster than anticipated. I will recommend Revel Performance to anyone!!
Just wanted to +1 on the great service, products, and price from Revel Performance. I ordered a Zone lift kit and wheels/rims and it was shipped extremely quickly and at a great price!
Andrew responded to my emails very quickly and made the process seamless. Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you.
I'll be the first to admit that I have absolutely no experience with lifting trucks and the whole "science" behind it is just too foreign for me to understand- even AFTER reading the wheel and lift guide on this site. My emails to Revel started on 08/14 and over the course of the last few weeks, I've amassed close to 50 emails of "what about this, what are your thoughts on that"? Revel has ALWAYS been quick to respond and has been willing to entertain any idea I may have gotten stuck in my head. Most importantly though, they really attempted to show me the "best option".... and what I mean by that is they made sure to always remind me that even though some options may look great, there are wear/tear issues to consider if I plan on keeping the truck long term. That to me is true customer service..... I will always be willing to support a company that wants to keep me safe and sound and not just bank a few extra bucks off me.

As far as pricing, they can't be touched.... most of the box stores around here were charging the same price for rims and wheels as Revel was charging for the same equipment plus Bilsteins at all for corners AND a set of Zone UCA's.... yep... take the time to read that again!

The end results will take some time to accomplish, however Revel has my business from beginning to end.

I currently have a Zone 4" lift with 3" rear, Bilsteins for all 4 corners and a set of Zone UCA's on there way to me to start my transformation.

A HUGE thank you to Revel for putting up with me and making this a great buying experience!!!!!!
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