2013-2015 RAM Adjustable Air Suspension Links to Lower (set of four links)

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These easy-to-install kits quickly replace the stock Sensor links with Billet Aluminum Fully Adjustable Sensor Links. With these links you can safely lower the normal stock ride height by as much as 2.5" to 2.75" depending on your application. All air suspension operating mode heights will operate relative to the new settings. These links utilize the factory ball studs to ensure the suspension continues to operate properly in all operational modes. NO CUTTING of Stock Components

When the front links are lengthened and the rear links are shortened the voltage coming from the air suspension sensors is altered. This tricks the vehicles on board computer into thinking the vehicle is sitting higher than the factory setting thereby lowering it accordingly.


IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FIRST! If in doubt, please contact our sales department before installation. If you feel you lack the necessary skills please have your links installed by a professional mechanic. Revel Performance or it’s suppliers will not be held liable for any loss or injury due to improper installation.

Installation Instructions (2013-2015_Ram_Lower.pdf, 1,318 Kb) [Download]

Nice machining on these parts. They look good, feel good and definitely work as advertised. A little high priced, but are quality parts. Installation instructions are a little off... Just shorten the front links, and lengthen the rear the same distance and it will equally lift the truck. I opted to replace the factory 33" wheels with 35", then using these pitch links to raise an additional 1" (and got a wheel alignment). So vehicle now sits 2" higher then stock, and rides nice. No problems selecting the off road 1" or 2'" additional lift, or easy entry 1" lowering. Everything works and rides great! It looks like a truck now!
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